DISPLAY MASTERS provides its customers with a typical consulting manner, especially in the early stages of conceptualization and design of the display commissioned.
The first goal, once the design has been shared with the customer, is to optimize the sales cost and reduce added costs in terms of transport and logistics. The experience gained over time acts to assist the customer during the three main phases, the C.C.A. (Concept, Costs of the display, After Sales).


The conceptualization is the most delicate phase, and it determines a concept for the display structure, which will have to meet different customer needs, such as style, available spaces, finishing, degree of strength, the type of media for graphics, the target-price, and the size of the package to be shipped.
The commercial and technical departments will interpret the company-profile of the client, transforming ideas and briefings into a concrete sales display.
The structure makes tools and financial resources available for the research and development of new technologies and innovative materials.


The cost of the display is calibrated according to the type of the structure chosen , materials and their necessary processing, electronic accessories, the degree of assembly and support for media and publicity material. But to achieve truly favorable sales prices , the numbers are what really count, in fact mass production allows for; the structure, to optimize the production processes, and for the best possible industrialization of them.
Transport costs are a weighty aspect of the year-end balance sheet, that’s why the dimensions are optimized and the number of pallets to be transported are minimized.


The after sales service is fundamental for the resolution of problems in the field, but it is also support for customers who wish to receive information and updates about new market trends in the POP segment.
DISPLAY MASTERS is present in various market sectors, and it receives valuable input from them which it then provides to its clients.