DISPLAY MASTERS’s long term displays are produced with the use of state of the art machines and CNC machining centers both for the processing of metal sheets and tubes of different diameters and thicknesses, as for the processing of wood. The coatings for metals are certified non-toxic electrostatic powders, while for the wood, special aniline colors are used. Respect for the environment is a prerogative for materials, workmanship, finishing and disposal.

The processing of cardboard paper goods happens with a ten-year collaboration in partnership with a leading company, guaranteeing production of medium, large and very large lots of displays, banners, packaging, and cases, in compliance with production norms including the food industry, with UNI EN 15593 certification .

The quality standards of DISPLAY MASTERS products are high, and quality control is one of the prerogatives of the various production departments and assembly. The wrapping and packaging of the various components is done with the use of special protection, to ensure the integrity of displays during transport.
With the know-how acquired over the years, DISPLAY MASTERS is able to develop and implement projects at all levels, according to the briefing defined with the customer, from the basic but functional version , to the concept of high-tech design and innovation.

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